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Oct. 4, 2023

Building Wealth with Real Estate


Accumulating wealth over time requires 3 basic principles: make money, save money, and invest money. And then what to do?

Real estate is a high-value, appreciable asset, and a foremost strategy for building lasting wealth.

Learn from industry experts about:

• Cash Flow

• Appreciation

• Tax Benefits

• Responsible Leverage

• Legal Strategies

• Building Equity

"Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth."– Theodore Roosevelt

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June 13, 2023

Five Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

  1. De clutter - all of those little stacks of stuff, laying on top of dressers and countertops, pack it away!  Sort,and toss  items that you will not be taking with you.  
  2. Make repairs - think about those little nuisance items that you live with every day, and never seem to get around to.  A door knob that needs repaired, a squeaky hinge, a towel bar that keeps falling off the wall…. Fix it all. 
  3. Landscape - landscape has a lot to do with curb appeal.  pay attention to how the Home looks and feels as you drive by or walk up to the front door.  Pull those weeds plant a few hedges.  add some plant life near the front door..  fresh or faux it won’t matter. 
  4. Staging! When in budget hire a professional:  and if that’s not in the cards, it’s OK!  here’s my general rule, remove 2/3 of your belongings. Rent a storage unit, put it in the basement or garage.  less is more and most of us have more in a room that is needed when selling.  And my pro tip is to take a picture yourself there’s  something about viewing your room through a photo that helps show what needs to go. 
  5. Clean, clean, clean.   The idea is for buyers to envision themselves in your space.  Be sure to wipe down window, ledges, dusty corners, and even those cobwebs in the basement.   Clean and fresh is the goal.  Be sure to eliminate any odors, the smell you’re going for is no smell.  Avoid those plug-ins.  If you do want something pleasant, boiling, some fresh lemons, or cinnamon will do the trick. 
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May 19, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide for Your Senior Community's Home - Buying Needs

As the AARP reports, a significant 77% of individuals aged 50+ wish to age in place. However, the challenges that come with aging, such as diminished eyesight and hearing, cognitive decline, and mobility restrictions, often make it difficult for seniors to continue living in their current homes. Consequently, they must search for a more suitable residence.
To assist seniors in this process, we've crafted a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that delves into the various aspects of aging in place. Our resource covers essential topics, including the ideal location, home features to look for, professionals who can facilitate relocation, diverse home-buying options, and effective financing strategies.

Explore the full guide here!

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Sept. 21, 2022

Offers & Reviews

The KreATivE Ones - Offers & Reviews

Sept. 21, 2022

Final Steps

The KreATivE Ones - Final Steps

Sept. 9, 2022

Referral Partners


Carl Ligore-330-507-7172


Carpet Cleaning 

Serious Carpet Cleaning 330-420-0125

Franklin Cleaning Services-(330) 337-7943


Cement work 

Custom Concrete Creations 234-567-1568

USA Concrete - 330-482-9150



Perry's Pristine Cleaning 330-831-2724 Will only clean commercial or homes sold or being sold 

Boss Ladies-(330) 507-3630



Converse Construction-330-692-0061

Jake Wengerd-330-787-2862

Aldridge Construction-330-386-2592

JW Construction-330-205-4797

Taylor Brickner-Brickner General Contracting-330-843-0596

Brandy Foster- Foster Construction-330-599-8334

Paul Custer- Custer Construction-330-506-4176

Jim Close-The Siding Guys-330-383-5979

Justin Dillon-330-518-6513

Matt Miller MKM-330-268-8873

Tyler Simms - General Contracting - 330-853-8893


Dog Breeder

Greenford's Old English Sheepdogs 330-533-1231


Driveway paving 

R&R Paving 330-853-8447


Driveway Sealing 

Anthonys Seal Coating 330-727-1262


Drone Operator 

Aaron Todd 234-567-6341



Eagle Rolloff-330-507-8285

Elk Run Roll Off - 330-227-3952



Brian Chance-Electrician 330-550-9378 (Lake Milton, OH)

Soltis Julian Electric-330-337-3465

D'Andrew Soltis 330-337-3465

Tony Colian 330-831-6495

Mark Fowler David Electric-330-424-6309



KDL Excavating-(330) 550-0471

Hippley Excavating-330-337-7139

Adams Excavating 330-222-2557 Also does septics 

Johnny's Excavating 330-720-3493

DU-All does some excavating, Fabrication, does gas wells maintenance, installation and removal  Odd Jobs and sells mulch & firewood 330-550-9985

Bruderly Excavating 330-482-1297 Also Does septic i believe 

CBW Excavating 330-506-0169

Sell & Sons Excavating - 330-301-1738


Farm Raised Beef 

Schaefer Family Beef Farm 330-503-3004

Ellington Farms - 330-871-9372



HP Fence 330-831-8111

Austintown Fence-330-793-2814



Buckeye Valley Chimney




Paul Herron 330-853-3915



Chris Ayers-(330) 277-1641

Advanced Hardwood Flooring 234-567-1600


Hauling and Cleanouts

Ricky Morrison-330-565-7886



McGarvey Refrigeration 330-821-4030

RC Ingledue 330-843-6654


Kitchen/ Bathroom 

Salem Custom Home remodeling 330-332-1244



Smith Landscaping Lawn- 330-938-6562

Hahlens Turf Care 330-206-9984

Rocky Gardens Landscaping 330-257-0399

Mcfeely Lawn Care 330-629-8746


Lead Based Paint Testing

Frank Kishel-3307206328



John Burford 330-205-2300

Curt Hetherington 330-770-1980

Tim Groger 330-257-4415

Doug Haidet 330-614-2881

David Lckes 330-309-4754

Steve Kibler 330-206-9296



Derick Frederick- 330-429-1319



Charlie the Painter- 330-941-0465

Brian Spencer 330-398-0336

A&B Painting and Pressure Washing(Andy Zamerelli) -330-853-1727



Pest Control

Bruce Dole-330-207-7235



Ellyson Plumbing 330-337-8795

Salem Sewer and Drain 330-337-1022



Salem Propane 330-337-3561

Powers 330-821-8387



Mike Fisher 614-353-3855



Charlie Hoffman-Septic Services (330) 584-5466

Charlie Hoffman 330-584-5466 Installation and pumping

Sam Courtney 330-383-1849  (Installation) 

Cowboy Miller Septic Cleaning 330-525-7319 (pumping)  


Snow Removal 

Evan Schaefer 330-550-7805

Justin Woolf 330-207-3276


Small Jobs

Mike Squibs (General small jobs  and some plumbing)-330-559-2254

Brian Egli  (eggly)-330-429-0119

drywall/doors/interior/small plumbing/carpentry

Brian Kavanagh-330 257 4801


Stump Removal 

Justin Woolf  330-207-3276 may also do tree removal 









Thomas Krepps 330-933-8506


Trash Service 

Envirowaste 330-525-7500


Tree Service 

Timberline 330-332-1755


Water Treatment 

Damascus Hardware 330-537-2853

Gordan Brothers 800-33-7611

Quality Water and well drilling 800-332-9462


Water Proofing

Tony Diapolito- the King of Dry Basements  330-719-8066

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Sept. 9, 2022

Clear to Close

The KreATivE Ones - Clear to Close